Ada perlu’s main vision is to set up a management and business strategy that respects nature in order to continue the zero waste movement, this is why each packaging is reusable.

Ada perlu is the perfect gift, find each sold product either:

  1. In a traditional square or round offering box made of handmade bamboo, reusable packaging as you wish (jewelry box, secret box, decoration …)
  2. In a handmade natural burlap pouch, reusable as you wish (passport, registration card, telephone, etc.).
AP 0329 scaled

In addition to guaranteeing functional packaging, Ada Perlu’s main message is to make Indonesian culture known. It’s because she chose to review these traditional boxes.

In Balinese culture, these boxes contain the kit to make the “Canang Sari”, one of the daily offerings made by Balinese Hindus: a small palm leaf tray loaded with flowers and rice splashed with purifying water. These blessed elements are intended to ward off the evil forces from entering the houses.

According to the basic belief of Balinese Hinduism, the two opposing forces of good and evil coexist and are of equal importance. It is, therefore, important to maintain the balance between these forces by honoring all gods and demons. The offering is fundamental to Balinese culture. Every day, the Balinese go to the temple dressed in traditional ceremonial outfits (in Indonesian batik) carrying these large bamboo boxes, in order to deposit offerings intended for the Hindu gods.

These small offerings are placed everywhere in the streets, at the edge of the roads, in front of the temples, three times a day … The canang sari is composed of edible offerings accompanied by an incense stick since it’s the smoke incense which will allow the transmission of the offering to the divinity.

You can, like the Balinese, use your small box to protect and maintain the harmony of your home or use it as storage or authentic and ethnic decoration.

They protect demons in addition to bringing wealth and prosperity to their owners.